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A really good mail client for free

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If you want a pop mail client and you don't want to waste your money, you should try Foxmail. Foxmail is totally free and offers you a lot of features to manage your e-mail accounts.

Although its name makes you think it has to do with firefox, it doesn't. Foxmail is an email client that allows you to manage several email accounts at once, search for contacts, search for emails attending to sender, content or subject,...

It's very easy to use yet powerful enough. I would place it in the top five email clients with no doubt.

If I had to say something against it that would be that the help is not well translated into English but you are very unlikely to use it.


If the programs runs in Chinese, just delete the file chinese.lgb in the installation folder.

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 How to use version 6.5 in Win 8.1 64 bit?

Version 6.5 allows using background music, and also makes easier to use background image than v.7. But I can not configure V. 6.5 to connect to mail server(s), while Foxmail 7 works quite well. It DID work at least one year also in Win 8; could it be that Win 8.1 does not support Foxmail v.6.5 anymore? Foxmail 6.5 works OK in Windows 7. What can I do to get Fox 6.5 to work in Windows 8.1 ? Beline of Finland

By beline 3 months ago

Questions about Foxmail


 Help Please

Once it is installed and I delete the chinese folder will it automatically revert to english? I'm afraid to install it and get stuck with a chinese version of foxmail, also just after joining this site it all changed to spanish or mexican, I had to close it and reopen it to get it in english agian is this usual? thank you, tm2469

By tm2469 in 2013

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